Sexuality is as multifaceted as the personality itself. It is therefore all the more astonishing how many ideas there are about what sex should be like and how little many people actually know about sex. But there is no «one sexuality» and no «one good sex». Sex is sometimes loving, sometimes playful, sometimes purely lust-driven or perhaps serious. Sex happens for very different reasons; be it, for example, to express affection and love, be it to act out a desire, or even simply to distract oneself from a hard day at work.

Sometime sex «doesn't work», at least not the way one imagines it, or is associated with insecurities or even experienced as painful. As a result, sexuality can raise questions that do not want to remain unanswered in the long run.

Together, we can get to the bottom of these questions - in an individual or couple setting.


Basically, sex therapy is for a person or a couple dealing with a sexual issue and seeking support to classify or clarify it. In some cases, the subject has already been determined and the issue or problem has a name. However, this does not have to be the case. Sometimes, the issue is not yet clear and only emerges once talked about in therapy sessions.

The focus is on you and
your individual questions.


50 minutes | CHF 160

The focus is on you as a couple
and on common issues.

90 minutes | CHF 220

At the beginning, I was unsure whether the therapy sessions would help me. But I have to say today that they have helped me, even if partly unconsciously. I have simply noticed that I am dealing with the whole issue much, much more naturally (!) and this has to do with the fact that I could talk to you about everything. I have simply become much more relaxed in my everyday life. And I like where I am today - also sexually.

Male, 56 years