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Sex therapy can be about providing knowledge, reviewing ideas, observing emotional, mental and physical processes more closely or communicating better (e.g. communicating one's own wishes or boundaries). The basis for this is the openness to want to deal with the sexual issue and to have the courage for self-reflection

  • The talks take place either in an individual or couple setting.

  • The contents of the talks are always confidential.

  • On-site appointments at Praxis Z in Zurich Wiedikon are possible on Fridays.

  • Online appointments can be offered on any day of the week.

  • Based on your wish, the language is either English, German or Swiss German.

Scheduled appointments are binding, but can be postponed or cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment. Cancellations on short notice will be charged CHF 100, no-shows will be charged the full amount.

The costs are not covered by health insurance.

Are you still studying or are you unable to pay the full costs for some other reason? Contact me anyway. We will find a solution!


The focus is on you and
your individual questions.


50 minutes | CHF 170


The focus is on you as a couple
and on common issues.

90 minutes | CHF 230

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